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This block creates a feedback delay effect, similar to an echo. The delay time is specified by Delay Time in ms. The amount of feedback, how long the echo will bounce back, is defined by Feedback. The delay time is limited to 150ms and the feedback should be between 0 and 1.

Due to limited memory, this block will convert the signal to 8bit. You can only have up to two of these blocks in your patch (depending on what other memory hungry blocks you use).


  • Signal Input
  • Delay Time in ms
    default: 100
    range: 0 - 150
  • Feedback
    default: 0.5
    range: 0 - 1


  • Signal Output

Known Bugs[edit]

As of the PatchBlocks software v.0.2, a known bug exists in the default code for this block. This is discussed in detail here.


Usage example forthcoming.