How to Add Custom Blocks

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The Preferences Dialog

A custom or contributed block is an .xml file that must be added by your Patchblocks editor software before it can be used in a patch. The Patchblocks software can only load new blocks when it is started and the block files must be saved in a designated location prior to starting the editor software.

The instructions below provide directions on how to point Patchblocks to your designated folder on Mac or PC operating systems.

  1. Open the Preferences for the Patchblocks software.
    • On Mac, open the Preferences window by selecting it from the main application menu or press cmd+,
    • On Windows, press ctrl+[
  2. Press the button labeled "..." to choose your preferred custom block location.
  3. When the file dialog opens, navigate to your custom block folder and press the Choose button.
  4. Press the Save button in the Preferences dialog.
  5. Save any open patches and restart the Patchblocks software.
  6. Check the Browser tab to see that your custom blocks have been loaded.


  1. It's recommended that all custom blocks be placed in a folder outside the main Patchblocks application folder. This allows for easy upgrading without having to re-create or re-download custom blocks.
  2. A category tag is designated within each block's XML code that allows it to be automatically sorted into the appropriate category in the editor software's Browser window. You don't need to create subfolders when saving the *.xml files.
  3. If you have the Patchblocks software loaded on more than one machine (i.e., Mac and Windows or laptop and desktop), you can use a Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar folder as your Custom Block folder. This way you only need one copy of each custom block across all machines.