How to Use Buttons and LEDs

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Each Patchblock has two buttons that can be used to control many different things inside a patch. By default, each button sends a 0 value when not being pressed down, and a 1 value when actively being pressed. Also by default, the LED portion of each button does not illuminate until you program them to do so inside the patch.

Although the buttons are set up to work in pressed vs. un-pressed fashion, it's possible to use blocks to change this behavior. In addition, because the Patchblocks do not have displays indicating what is happening, sometimes you may want to use the LEDs to help provide feedback on certain aspects of your active patch. A few ways that you can change the behavior of the buttons and LEDs for these pourposes are:

  • A toggle button that switches between on and off each time it is pressed.
  • A multi-function button that cycles through four different filter types with each button press.
  • Trigger and display an envelope
  • A tap-tempo button for a sequencer.

Default Use with Display[edit]

Press the buttons to make their LED change

To try this patch, copy the text block below and paste it in a blank patch window.


Toggle Button[edit]

The left button turns the Sine On and Off

To try this patch, copy the text block below and paste it in a blank patch window.


Multi-Function Button[edit]

Trigger Button and Envelope Display[edit]

Tap Tempo Button[edit]