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This is a list of known bugs/errors/weirdness found in the PatchBlocks hardware and/or software. Causes and fixes are provided where applicable.

While the software goes through 0.3-beta revisions, an up to date list of issues and fixes can be found at Bitbucket.


Knob Jitter[edit]

Some users have reported that movement of one knob on the PatchBlocks hardware appears to affect controls that are connected to the other knob within the software. This is not uncommon, and is most likely due to cross-talk that occurs within the PatchBlock itself.

A possible fix for this issue is being investigated and may be implemented in future firmware updates. In the meantime, the user-created [1] block has helped resolve this issue for some users.


All Filters (LP, BP, HP, All)[edit]

When the input Frequency is exactly 3,200.00 the patch will crash.

Cause: The formula for calculating the effect divides by a formula that equals 0 when frequency=3200. The divide-by-0 error crashes the patch.

Fix: There is no current fix.