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A Midiblock can function either as MIDI In or as MIDI Out connector

Patchblocks can function both as a MIDI Controller (sending MIDI signals to other devices), and as a MIDI Instrumet (receiving MIDI signals from other devices. When two Patchblocks are connected, signals from MIDI output blocks (e.g., MIDI Note Out) from the left Patchblock are received by MIDI input blocks (e.g., MIDI Note In) on the right Patchblock.

A Midiblock can be used to connect a non-Patchblock MIDI device. Pre-release Midiblocks were announced on August 11 2015. Depending on availability, the pre-release version can be bought in the store. There are also some unofficial ways to connect MIDI devices to your Patchblock, see below.

Unofficial MIDI Connectors[edit]

WARNING! These are unofficial schematics, contributed by community users. Using these probably voids the warranty of your device.


The MIDI Note In block has been reported to work when using the above circuit to connect a MIDI IN socket (connected to the MIDI OUT port of your MIDI device) to a Patchblock. The connections to the Patchblock's digital in connector are:

  • VCC to Pin 1 (Knob side),
  • GND to Pin 3 (middle), and
  • MIDI_IN to Pin 5 (Button side).

Discouraged Usage[edit]

There is a community post suggesting that this block can be used with the connector depicted below. A different post strongly advises against it, though.


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