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This oscillator produces a saw waveform of the given frequency with an amplitude of 1.

The output values range from -0.5 to +0.5. If it receives a non-zero value on its Reset input, it resets it's phase and holds it's output at +0.5 until Reset is back to zero. This allows to syncronise this oscillator with other signals, by sending an impulse to Reset.

If you use low frequencies below audio range (below 20Hz), set the oscillator to Control Rate. This will save CPU power and very low frequencies will in fact not work in Audio Rate. The Saw generator accepts values of frequency: such as 20Hz to 20kHz.

Note that this oscillator produces negative and positive values. You can shift this output range to positive only, by adding 0.5 to the output, using an Add object. Alternatively, you can use the Map object.

Also note that this block does accept negative frequency values. At negative frequencies it will output an inverted waveform.


  • Frequency
    default: 440
  • Reset
    default: 0


  • Signal Output


Usage example forthcoming.